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5 Things You Should DIY and 5 You Should Leave to the Pros When Buying Tucson Investment Properties

5 Things You Should DIY and 5 You Should Leave to the Pros When Buying Tucson Investment Properties

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Saving money is a motivating force. When you’re renovating an investment property, the value of sweat equity cannot go unexamined—doing work by yourself when buying Tucson investment properties, you can save substantially. It is essential to do your research before getting started and have everything you need on hand before jumping in. To do the job correctly, including learning what tools to use, you’ll find step-by-step instructions and even videos to help make your DIY project a success.

Unless you’re an experienced renovator, much of the work that adds value to an investment property will require professional know-how. While the initial price tag may be costly, the alternative of fixing mistakes could be financially devastating. Unless you know what you’re doing, you could cost yourself more in damages to your property than you save by attempting this work yourself. There are five things you should do and five you should leave to the pros when buying Tucson investment property.

Things To DIY


Simple and straightforward in most cases, you can handle demolition on your Tucson investment properties. Just be sure you’re following safety guidelines for protective wear. When it comes to taking a sledgehammer to cabinets, you may also experience a side benefit through stress relief brought on by physical exertion. 


Benefits of updating your Floors

Once you’ve completed your demolition work, areas may need to do some patching or install new drywall when you make updates to your Tucson investment properties. Drywalling is heavy work that may require help but should be simple enough for most investors to handle.


Keep in mind the basic theory behind staging when it comes to making selections for the color scheme in your Tucson investment property. Previously owned belongings hold lower value, people who touch items assign ownership and a higher intrinsic value to them. By refreshing surfaces, depersonalizing, and using neutral tones, you increase worth and decrease vacancy periods.


When buying Tucson investment properties, flooring, in most cases, is something that many are willing to take on. If you already have attractive flooring, consider taking on a facelift with a resurfacing or deep cleaning of grout and tile work. 


With the right equipment, you can paint your own Tucson investment properties and make it appear as if you hired a pro! Invest in the best paint you can afford, along with painter’s tape for super clean lines and lasting value.

Leave It to a Pro


Bad Tucson Roof

Getting on a roof is extremely dangerous. Leave everything from minor repairs or a new roof to the pros when buying Tucson investment properties. You should check your insurance policy on the property to ensure that a roofing job done without an approved contractor won’t cause them to deny a claim in the future.


Leave plumbing to the pros when buying Tucson investment properties, the potential for causing water damage runs high with what may appear to be a seemingly simple bathroom redo.


When pouring cement in areas of your foundation, mistakes could compromise your structural integrity. Even a driveway improperly formed could end up causing damage or even injury to visitors and lawsuits. These are the pros when buying Tucson investment properties

Moving Walls

If a load-bearing beam is involved, call in an architect and save yourself from the standard error of moving walls. Leave this task to the pros when buying Tucson investment properties.

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