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Craig Barton Talks About Easy-Man Buys Houses


Craig Barton (00:00):

Hey everyone, thanks for coming to our website. My name is Craig Barton from easy man buys houses. So I’ll give you a quick snapshot of who we are. We actually started in 2004 and we started out actually with manufactured homes, had no clue what I was doing. I was just starting out getting people and networking around and trying to figure things out. And we stumbled around for a couple of years, did okay in that, and I realized that, Hey, I want to get into regular single family homes. And it’s a lucky thing I did because the market collapsed after that. So between 2007 and 2012 we were buying a lot of problematic homes. As you may remember, it was all foreclosures, right? So we were helping out banks in that regard, helping them get out of their foreclosures, and we were helping out new buyers as far as delivering them a nice, beautiful property.

Craig Barton (00:49):

So we’re client focused on what our clients need, what our sellers need, because there’s many, many needs to sellers and this is what we do. We specialize in figuring out your needs. Some people might need debt relief, some people just need to get out really quick. Someone just just want to quick cash sale and the house is really mouth stop. Some of them need move out, help. Some of them need a state cell help. So we figured out all kinds of different ways and we network with a lot of different people in this city in order to figure out how can we supply the needs of the sellers in this community and make it an easy transition to get out of your property, get you into another property and then take that property and hopefully be able to help somebody else with it too. So since 2004 we’ve been in existence and we have trained extensively in many, many different ways.

Craig Barton (01:41):

We’ve spent over $40,000 on educating and trying to figure out specialized learning and trying to figure out ways that we could do things most efficiently. So when you come to our site, you’re going to know that we are well qualified to take care of all of your needs. So please, if you’re going to sell a house or if you just need to contact us for anything. Hey, you got some questions? Maybe you’re interested in networking with us. We’re willing to network with everyone. So fill in the blanks, fill in the blanks in this, um, in this, um, website, wherever they may be, who knows where they are, right? But they’re somewhere around this website. Just find them, put in your email and your phone number and we’ll get back to you soon. Thanks a lot.

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