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5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast in Tucson

Dillan Thompson (00:04):Hey, this is Dillan With Easy-Man Buys Houses, and I have five tips on how you can sell your house faster in Tucson, Arizona. So the first tip is to know what your asking price is going to be. The key to determining a good asking price is by analyzing the market and … Continued
How does the interest rate affect real estate

How Does The Federal Interest Rate Work?

Dillan Thompson (00:05): Hey, how are you doing? I’m Dillan with easy man buys houses. Let’s talk a little bit about real estate, the interest rate who sets the interest rate. And what does it mean for the real estate market? Interest rate is a tool used when loaning money, essentially what an interest rate … Continued
Should I Sell My House To A Cash Buyer

Should I Sell My Home To A Cash Home Buyer in Tucson?

Craig Barton (00:00): When you buy from easy man buys houses, you may think that, well, I could probably get more from my house on the open market, and that may be the case, but a lot of times you don’t take things into consideration. Like what is it going to cost me to sell … Continued
Should I sell my house to a cash buyer

About Easy-Man Buys Houses

Craig Barton (00:00): Thanks for coming to our website. My name’s Craig Barton from easy man buys houses. Let me give you a quick snapshot of who we are and what we’re about. We actually started this company in 2004, and we started with manufactured homes, became a manufactured home dealer. And for the next … Continued
What Luis has to say about Easy-Man

What Luis Has to Say About Easy-Man

Luis Moldonado: (00:00)Hi. So this is Luis. I, just wanted to give you a brief testimonial about my experience with Easy-man Buys Houses. I met Craig through a uncle of my wife’s and, um, I checked around and I thought he was the best fit for what we needed at the time. My parents were … Continued

Craig Barton Talks About Easy-Man Buys Houses

<Transcript> Craig Barton (00:00): Hey everyone, thanks for coming to our website. My name is Craig Barton from easy man buys houses. So I’ll give you a quick snapshot of who we are. We actually started in 2004 and we started out actually with manufactured homes, had no clue what I was doing. I was … Continued
Tucson Tax Lien Video

South Tucson Home Walk Through – Tax Lien Property

<Transcription>: Hey, I’m here in south Tucson. We’re checking out a property that we recently purchased. It was actually purchased from an individual who is going through had a situation where they had a tax lien problem. They needed to get caught up on their taxes. They couldn’t and they owed quite a bit of … Continued

Handling Rental Properties during the Pandemic

Rental property ownership is filled with ups and downs.  If you own domestic real estate you may be faced with the most challenging duration of your ownership. In addition to attempting to handle your personal financial situation, you now need to worry about if rent payments will be coming in from your renters. The protection … Continued
Buy My House for Cash in Tucson, Arizona

8 Reasons to sell your house for cash in Tucson

Owning a house can deliver a series of challenges to you at times. In such a situation, you should think about selling your house for cash. Here are some of the most prominent reasons that will tempt you to sell your house for cash in Tucson. Reason #1 Foreclosure If you fail to pay your … Continued
Tucson Home

What do people look for in a Tucson home?

Figuring out what buyers look for in a Tucson home is a very good idea if you want to sell your property. On top of that, such a list will also help new buyers figure out what to focus on as they try to find their new home. If you’re interested in purchasing a Tucson … Continued
How to rehab a house in Tucson

How to Rehab a House in Tucson (The Basics)

Transcript (May have errors): All right. So, we’re talking about rehab of the night which is an exit strategy right. Well we need really is buying strategy marketing right now. Right. And we have covered that. This is exit right. What do you on the back and how do we save money. Rehab so long. … Continued
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