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Tucson Tax Lien Video

South Tucson Home Walk Through – Tax Lien Property

South Tucson Home Walk Through - Tax Lien Property


Hey, I’m here in south Tucson. We’re checking out a property that we recently purchased. It was actually purchased from an individual who is going through had a situation where they had a tax lien problem. They needed to get caught up on their taxes. They couldn’t and they owed quite a bit of money. So they just wanted to liquidate the house and find a new homeowner and really they just wanted us to work on the house and get it to make it look pretty so a new homeowner can enjoy it. So let’s just do a really quick walkthrough and I’ll talk a little bit about what is going on. So we’re doing really quick walkthrough since we’re just going and painting it. Probably one interrupts the workers here. How’s it going to make a video? So yeah, so we’re just cleaning up the tile got a nice kitchen. That’s newly painted. How’s it going?

Okay, we’re going to be putting carpet in these back rooms.

So this is master bedroom there working on here right now. Try not to get in their way.

Looks like we redid the bathroom with brand new tile looks really nice.

Okay, same back here. This is actually the master closets nice and big it’s got a whole bunch of shelves feel like shoes great place.

zoom out a little bit

Yeah, so I mean this is a really pretty house. We actually already have a buyer lined up for this home and the situation is pretty unique because this individual somebody we’ve worked within the past and he really enjoys. Well, he really likes our service.

See if I can force open. He likes her service and we’re actually putting them in here and he’s selling us his other house so we can do the same thing and we can renovate his home and find a new homeowner for it couldn’t get through that other door, but there is an addition the back. Yeah, as I said, we’re we help individuals who are in situations where they have tax problems. Maybe they’re going through probate. Maybe they sorry I didn’t somebody in the way. Yeah. So all kinds of situations may be run through probate. Maybe they’re going through foreclosure we can help with that and we can even do specialized stuff like owner Carrie’s where we can carry the note or take over a note.

So, yeah, if you do look or if you’re looking to sell your house, go ahead and fill out our form on our website. Give us a call and hopefully, we can help you.

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