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How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar by Increasing Curb Appeal in Tucson

How To Sell Your Home for Top Dollar by Increasing Curb Appeal in Tucson

Dillan Thompson (00:04):
Hey, this is Dillan from Easy-Man Buys Houses. We purchase houses here in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in difficult, real estate situations, including foreclosures, probates, maybe houses, beyond repair and the individual living there needs some support. But, today we’re going to talk about is how to increase curb appeal. So if you are looking to sell your house for top dollar, these are some things that we do when we’re renovating the house and we’re looking to sell it. So go ahead and, you’re looking to sell it. Go ahead and follow through with these tips and tricks and you’ll get top dollar. Okay. The first thing you want to do is you want to clean up the outside of your house. So nobody, no, buyer’s going to want to roll up to a house that’s covered weeds and just looks like trash. So pick up your garbage, pull out your weeds, make it look presentable.

Dillan Thompson (00:57):
You want to make sure there’s nice coverage of material. If you have any, if you don’t have material, make sure it’s nice and weed and rake the dirt. I know that sounds weird, but break it up, make it nice. And even so, it looks nice. Okay. Another tip is if you can afford it, go ahead and paint your house. If it’s been a while, a lot of times you can just pressure wash it. If you don’t do too high of a setting, you want to be chipping paint. It’ll make it look a little bit newer. Get all the dirt off, especially in these stucco homes where it has all this texture grime builds in it. You want to get rid of that. Can’t afford to do the paints in the power. If the power wash works. Okay. One thing that you can do to spice things up is to paint your trim.

Dillan Thompson (01:47):
So right now this house, I mean, it looks nice. I think it has to do with the HOA, but if your HOA allows it, go in and, and have a different Color, fascia, and window trims will just do the body of your house. It’s going to make it pop out more. When people drive by it, they’re going to notice it. And here’s a good example of the neighbor’s house. So they have a similar color house, this one right here, but they’re, their fascia is a dark, a light Brown along with their garage door. So that definitely helps make it pop out.

Dillan Thompson (02:27):
You want to make sure your roof is clean and not falling apart. So these are nice rooms over here. They got the clay tile. I don’t know if you can see, but there’s a lot of bird poop up there. So you’d want to get that washed off. You can. I stepped in cactus. Okay, there we go. That’s better. One thing you can do, it’s not too expensive. As you going to hire roofers, come out, and clean your roof. He didn’t even have him to give you an estimate. You always want to get an estimate first. Anyways, do you want to contact about three different roofing companies? Most companies say to offer free estimates as part of their business. So just give me a call scheduled time. They’ll come to look at your roof, tell you what you need. And then always verify with multiple estimates because sometimes they’re not ethical individuals. So you want to make sure that they’re held accountable and that you’re, you’re being safe and you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Dillan Thompson (03:36):
Okay. Next tip. Make sure of your entryway. It looks nice and good. Okay. Clean up leaves. Get new formats, make a nice and neat paint your door. The same color as your trim and your garage door and your date. If you have a name, make it stand out. Replace any lighting if it’s old. So this is pretty old for this kind of view. So probably going to have to worry about this one, but replace any, light fixtures and then I’ll help, help it stand out. You definitely want to get a contrast in color. If you have a light paint like this, you probably want a, a bronze color or a black color next tip. Sure. Your windows are clean. Nobody likes a dirty window, especially if you’ve got dogs, you’re going to have a little nose marks, not everywhere. People don’t want to see that when they’re looking at a house. Okay. Another tip, move your trash cans out of view. So maybe put this, put a trash can on the side of the house, kind of out of the way, or if you have a garage, put it in the garage. But if you’re going to put it in the garage just now, that’s probably when I smell it up. So I would just advise putting it on the side of the house tucked away.

Dillan Thompson (05:06):
Okay. So yeah, definitely paint the trim of the house. If you can, the same with the facia. You’d want the face. Should it be the same color as your window trimming? This is just the manufacturer’s color on these windows, but if you’re going to sell it, it wouldn’t hurt to paint this the same color as the facia. And you’d want to have it a little bit darker color to make it pop next tip. Make sure you have a nice outdoor living area that looks nice. I’m running to the front yard. Maybe you have a little fountain or something. Maybe some tears, you have room, but definitely have something in the backyard. People want it to feel homey, feel welcoming. So you want to make sure you have something, some sort of furniture. Maybe you want to put a swing bench, but some chairs or grill. You don’t need to do anything crazy. You can even buy some patio furniture, pretty cheaply at like big lots, or even do sight hand, go to Goodwill or something like that.
Dillan Thompson (06:10):

Okay. Next tip. Make sure your landscaping is on par. I don’t know if I mentioned it when I was walking through that, which hooks you upfront. This house has oleander growing out of it. So it’s something you would want to cut back, especially since it’s not supposed to be wholly under there. Trim tree. So that one has some little sticks hanging off. They’d one trim up that Bush up there needs to be. Yeah, this, Bush right here needs to be squared off. The neighbors look really nice. So that’s how you’d want to square it off. You can get a landscaper to take care of that for not too much. Here’s that Oak to you? I was just talking about it, it’s got oleander growing out of it, kind of hard to see, but it’s even way down. And there you can see it, the stump. So that’s something that a landscaper would have to take care of. They probably have to drill a hole on that stump and then put some sort of stump killer in there to kill that one plant without harming the OTO. The owner doesn’t know how to do that. But, if you’re just looking to sell, you don’t have to go through all of that. You can just trim it back and then just disclose that to the new buyer. It’s not that big of a deal. You only got to trim it like once a year.

Dillan Thompson (07:48):
I think that’s about all the tips. I mean, make sure your, your driveway looks nice and cleaned up power. Wash it. If you need to make sure there’s no oil. Paint your numbers. If you can, you don’t want them all freaking chipped off. It’s a little small detail. That makes a difference. So, yeah. So this is, we just went over some tips and tricks on how to increase your curb appeal to help you sell your house for top dollar. These are all things that we look for when we’re doing the walkthrough when we’re renovating the house. So you always want to clean up the yard, paint the house. If you can paint any trim, a different color, you want to paint that groggy different colors, same with the door. You’re going to have that all, all the trims, wouldn’t be one color. And it’s going to contrast the outside of the house.

Dillan Thompson (08:40):
Replace your fixtures clean up garbage. Nobody likes seeing a weedy house. They don’t want to see garbage in the house. So if you want to get that top dollar, do little labor. It’s not too hard. Get out there one weekend, a few hours and you’ll make a lot more money. And like I said before, my name is Dylan easy, man. If you are in a situation where you need to sell your house quickly, maybe you have houses falling over, falling apart over your head. You need help. You need to get out of it, give us a call. We’ll help you out. If we can’t buy the house, it will still advise you and pointing in the right direction to get you to your solution. Alright, thanks again.
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